• The In-Person training begins in August with a 6-day retreat at a host school.   

  • Face to face on three more occasions throughout the school year, 3 - day weekends.

  • Instructors present and demonstrate the Montessori materials.

  • Adult learners have the opportunity to explore and practice their presentations under the guidance of their instructors.

  • 120 Hours + 3 one-one observations of each intern by CMTEP faculty member


The following hands-on courses will be offered during the In-Person Training:


Practical Life Curriculum                       28/32         Sensorial Curriculum      28/32

Art, Music & Movement                          28/32         Mathematics Curriculum 28/32

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy            4/20          Language Curriculum       28/32                                 The Cycle of Nature/Science                  2/16                           


All students are responsible for their own learning and are expected to come to class prepared, and on time, having completed any assignments and ready to participate in the day.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are able to create more flexibility in our program, enabling us to reach out to people in more remote areas.

Currently, we are able to offer a teacher training program fully accredited through MACTE with a globally-recognized ECE credential from AMS.

Online instruction, blended with a face-to-face Residency where the Montessori materials will be presented, coupled with a 10 month Practicum at your school site, completes the process.