Online Learning

OVERVIEW                                                     180 hours

  • Courses are concurrent with the Practicum

  • 6 Learning Modules, 4 weeks each

  • Each Learning Module represents 5 - 8 hours of instruction/engagement per week (this does not include homework)

  • Courses begin in July and are completed at the end of the following June


  • Student orientation & support included

  • Live Webinars and discussions create a sense of community

  • Videos, Zoom classrooms, independent, creative and collaborative learning

  • Weekly “office hours” provided by faculty

  • Modules are sequential; learn at your own pace


Online courses offered with the number of hours online, out of the total number of course hours::  

Philosophy of Montessori Method of Education        32/32            The Art of Observation                                  28/28      

Theories & Stages of Development                             28/28            Science Curriculum                                      14/16                                            Studies/Cultural Curriculum                                        16/20            Leadership/Behavior/Communication       18/24   

For the Love of Music & Movement!                             16/20           Parent Education & Collaboration                  4/4

Introduction to Practical Life Curriculum                      4/32            Introduction to Sensorial Curriculum           4/32

Introduction to Language Curriculum                            4/32            Introduction to Mathematics Curriculum     4/32        


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are able to create more flexibility in our program, enabling us to reach out to people in more remote areas.

Currently, we are able to offer a teacher training program fully accredited through MACTE with a globally-recognized ECE credential from AMS.

Online instruction, blended with a face-to-face Residency where the Montessori materials will be presented, coupled with a 10 month Practicum at your school site, completes the process.