Cottage Montessori Teacher Education Program -
"Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiencing the environment."
                                                                                                       Dr. Maria Montessori

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The mission of Cottage Montessori Teacher Education Program is to create an opportunity for adult students to study the unique educational philosophy, principles  Dr. Maria Montessori. 

We are dedicated to creating a process of learning, one which engages the adult learner to observe and absorb the Montessori Method. Through this comprehensive approach, it is our intention to enable trainees to acquire the knowledge and experience to best serve the needs of children. 

Our goal is for Dr. Montessori’s insights inspire adult learners to implement principles effectively in the classroom. Upon successful completion of all components of this program, trainees will have transformed into practitioners who are well versed in all curriculum areas, utilizing their skills of observation, preparation and human a life long love of learning to their students. 

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